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From the beginning the concept for Carolina Business and Tax Advisors has been to provide a one stop service center for small businesses.  CBTA has client success as our sole focus.  As represented by the three sides of our logo, CBTA offers:

  • We do things for you to allow you to free you to focus on improving your business results (accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, etc)
  • We do thing with you to provide guidance in the pursuit of achieving your goals (small business consulting, coaching, mentoring, business planning, loan acquisition, buy/sell businesses, etc)
  • We help you to keep more of your earnings by tax planning to achieve the lowest possible tax liability allowed by law. (income tax services, tax planning, etc)

CBTA serves as a complement to your unique skill set.  Why spend time laboring with a task that you dislike and probably are not very proficient at anyway? 

  One Source – One Stop

We make your job easier by providing everything your business needs from one source.  Many professionals offer routine accounting or bookkeeping services.  Some offer payroll services.  A few provide professional income tax services.  Others offer business counseling, consulting or coaching.  Our full service approach brings all of the business services you need from a single source. 

 Every business passes through cycles that bring new challenges and opportunities – many will be encountered one time.  The staff of CBTA has worked with a large number of clients and have successfully dealt with most issues that will arise for a small business.  We are in a position to guide through solving current issues and bring our experience to bear to allow you to avoid future problems.

 We will create an individual menu of services designed to complement your skills to allow you to focus on achieving your business and personal goals.  CBTA will work with you to identify opportunities to increase revenue, become more profitable and enhance cash flow.  OUR PRODUCT IS YOUR SUCCESS!

4330 Southport Supply Road
Suite 103
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 457-7717
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